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What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

How To Use The Storage Calculator

Wondering what size storage unit to rent? Our storage space calculator is a nifty 3D guide that helps you determine which size unit is the perfect fit for your specific needs. With our online storage space calculator, you can find the right unit size in three simple steps:

  1. Choose the room that needs storage
  2. Add the items you plan to store
  3. Click “calculate” to find your ideal unit size

Why Use Our Storage Calculator?

Find The Perfect Storage Unit Size

The Calcumate space calculator utilises 3D technology to make it easy to find a unit size that’s suitable for all your belongings, saving you valuable time and money. Using our space calculator for storage offers several benefits, including:

Time-saving: The storage unit space calculator quickly determines the ideal unit size based on your needs in seconds.

Accuracy: The 3D technology ensures precise measurements and recommendations, reducing the risk of selecting the wrong unit size.

Convenience: No need to drive to our Chipping Norton or Bromsgrove facility. Access our calculator from the comfort of your own home and find exactly what you need.

Cost-effectiveness: By selecting the appropriate unit size the first time, you avoid paying for unnecessary space.

Hassle-free: The user-friendly calculator eliminates the guesswork involved in choosing the right unit size and avoids calls to a sales team.

What’s more, we also have an on-site box shop and van hire service, so you can get everything you need for moving and storage in one quick stop.

Is the Space Calculator Accurate?

About Calcumate

The Calcumate storage room size calculator is created with precise 3D technology and a detailed database of popular household items, providing accurate recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

To ensure that our recommendations meet your requirements, we’ve thoroughly tested each object in our database. Additionally, we’ve included exact measurements next to every item, so you can be confident in your selections.